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What is Hit Mix Bingo?

  • Time

    1 hour +

  • Attendees


  • Interaction

    Played via your phone or tablet

Hitmix Bingo is a game of both luck and musical skill. Your Hitmix Bingo host will tell you the winning pattern such as a line, two lines, blackout (full house) and then play you a selection of songs, as soon as you hear a song shown on your bingo card, you mark it off. The aim of the game is to mark off enough songs to get the winning pattern.

Your Hitmix Bingo host might make it easier for you to win the game by announcing the songs as they are played, or they might decide to be evil by making you identify each song before you can mark it off your bingo card.

Everyone plays as an individual.

Full game of bingo lasts 20mins.

We recommend prizes for line, full house and spot prizes for music trivia questions.

What is Speed Quizzing?

  • Time

    1-2 hours

  • Attendees


  • Interaction

    Play via your phone or tablet

10 sec to answer via your device, 'Fast track' your way to the top, 'Steal Points' off competitors along the way but watch out for the 'Evil Mode' round.

Letter questions, numbers, picture & music questions, multiple choice and in sequence questions.

Using spinning wheels, scavenger hunts, play your cards right to help win points and prizes.

Our quiz is fast, fun and interactive with our lively host.

What is Virtual Mind Reading & Magic?

  • Time

    45 mins

  • Attendees


  • Interaction

    Host engages with attendees getting them to select cards, search on their phones and pick volunteers

Everyone has a front row seat, volunteers are selected for each game, they select cards, celebrity’s, random objects and the host reads their mind and makes predictions. There is lots of variety and different game and everybody is amazed at the outcomes.

Prepare to have your mind blown and your perceptions of what is possible shattered.

Specialising in magic of the mind and created for an online audience this interactive magic experience is not to be missed.

What is a Caricature Workshop?

Young and old get involved, learning the basics of drawing, live professional drawing demo, everybody sketches someone from the group, winner get full professional Caricature from host.

  • Time

    45 mins

  • Attendees


  • Interaction

    Host engages with attendees, drawing them and asking everyone to draw someone in the group

Niall O’Loughlin was born in Dublin in 1970. Following graduation from Senior Technical College, Ballyfermot in 1989, Niall was quickly snapped up by “Sullivan Bluth Studios” where he worked on major films such as ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven,’ and ‘Help I’m A Fish.’

Onwards & Upwards as Niall was employed as Chief Animator, responsible for the delightful animated characters in the highly acclaimed Oscar nominated series, ‘Give Up Yer Aul Sins.’ by Brown Bag Films.

Widely regarded as one of the ‘best in the business’ and most well-known caricaturist in Ireland, Niall enjoys sell-out exhibitions and has appeared on numerous Radio and TV shows including the Saturday night and Late Late show and completed commissions for many well-known celebrities from both Ireland and abroad.

After more than 20 years in the business, Niall has deservedly earned prominence in the niche world of caricatures and is often referred to as ‘the quickest draw in the East’ owing to the speed with which he can sketch a caricature portrait.

What is Virtual Comedy?

Fun, Interaction, Craic and lovely girls competition with this internationally recognized comedian.

  • Time

    45 mins

  • Attendees


  • Interaction

    Host engages with attendees asking about their background and funny stories

Joe Rooney is an Irish actor, comedian and singer-songwriter from Drogheda, County Louth. He is arguably best known for his acting and in particular for playing Father Damo in the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted, appearing in the episode "The Old Grey Whistle Theft". Joe had a starring role as Timmy Higgins in the RTÉ television comedy Killinaskully, which ran for five series.

What is a Zoom Santa Experience?

  • Time

    2 hour +

  • Attendees


  • Interaction

    Host interacts with Santa and Children asking questions, scavenger hunts, talents show and group dances.

Fun with Santa, Host and Magic show with Joe Daly from RTE Junior.

● Professional presenters with Santa answering questions from children

● Scavenger hunt for your favourite toy

● Show and tell with your pets

● Who's got the funniest joke?

● Dancing with Santa

● Santa speaks to every family

● Magic show with (RTÉ Juniors) Joe Daly interaction with children and parents


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